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Photo of a group of 4 students posing on the playground together
Photo of students working on assignments at their desks in their classroom
Photo from the back view of a boy playing the piano and wearing headphones
Photo of a group of students looking at papers on a table in a classroom
Photo of members of the garden club looking into a raised bed


Cottonwood Elementary

At Salina Public Schools (SPS), we are proud of who we are and what we do. We value every student’s family as a partner in learning and we collaborate with partners to help students, families and the community.

We love our Specials

Weekly art, music, physical education, science and social studies and library time with dedicated teacher. And, fifth grade can take band and orchestra. At Cottonwood we are committed to expanding opportunities for every child.

Photo of 3 boys playing hockey during PE

Relationships Matter

At Cottonwood, every child feels a sense of belonging and ownership. Partnerships between our teachers and families are built on positive experiences, strong relationships and trust. Monthly Family University events combine activities and community partners. We care for the student- and the entire family.

Photo of a teacher engaging in a board game with students

Cottonwood is Unique

When you first walk in our door you know Cottonwood is a positive place. Our school staff pride themselves on being friendly, welcoming and caring. It is our goal to make sure Cottonwood provides the best experience a student has had in school.

Photo of a member of the garden club looking at plants in the raised planter

Great teachers
inspiring great futures.

Important Events